Tuesday, June 22, 2010


If u ever feel like letting go knowing that no one it there to catch you fall, it simply concludes that you don't really have anyone around. And that's what i'm feeling right now. Can people stop thinking that i have a fucking perfect life? I don't cry when i don't need too. The only reason i put a smile on my face each day is to make u and everyone happy. It sucks when everything seems so fine then suddenly happiness just don't seem to make sense anymore. Maybe it was a wrong choice made to even love you. Maybe you deserve someone better. I just want someone i could rely on. Like i said, i don't need a picture perfect life. You're already close to perfection. I don't want any unnecessary fight to change things around us. I'm sorry that i love u.

The LOVE that last LONGEST is the
LOVE that is never RETURNED

of a broken heart & torn soul,


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