Sunday, June 20, 2010


Have u ever heard of life imprisonment before ?
Well, this holiday is the very definition of it.
A fucked up holiday wth no where to go to .
Its more like 'u cant go out' thing thats going on here at home
and that is just so fucking sick. Come on, im 19 . not 9.
Why do parents hve to be so protective -.- I fucking dont get them

Thank god its world cup .
if not, i'd die at home wth nothing do to.
Pretty much the same routine every fucking week.
I just miss campus & my friends and im still counting the days fr this damn
holiday to be over. Grr. The wait is excruciating and its killing me .

Its strange that sometimes you think you'l have something frever but
the next minute u realise it's all gone. I guess nothing last forever.
I cant stop mmyself frm typing but i have too.
I hate long entries. -.-

Adios. I heart Arie :)



bella said...

chill babe.
i pon bkn slalu kuar pon, stuck jew kt umah.

bella said...

btw, da pandai ek tuka background? cute!
tahniah babe, hee:)

Hanis Ayuni said...

nice background.
btw, i pun bosannnnnn jugak.
see ya. :)