Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heartaches & fairytales.

Hook ups & Break ups .

Love & hate.

Everything in the life of Kim

Picture pefect life is something everyone longs for. But look again, whats the point of living in a world where you already have everything you ever dream off ? Things are different for a girl name Kim. She’s never dreamt of having a picture perfect life, a happy family or even great friends. She only wanted 1 thing . Love. Nothing more and nothing less. Love is the only thing she longs for and the only thing she ever wants. She has never fallen in love and she definitely has never fallen out of love. She often wonders what does it feel to have someone to comfort you at the worst of times and whispers the words of love to her or even better, to serenade her with great melodies. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, she knew it was hard for her to know and feel love. She can’t even recall the last time her parents told her that they loved her. Maybe they never did. Maybe she was just a mistake of the past and a burden in their life. Maybe she will enver ever know what is love. Just Maybe.

*to be continued*

” Love is choice made by you & me”

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