Thursday, June 3, 2010

the end of semester II

13 july 2009 is the date to remember.That was the day when reality hit me and i knew i was gonna be something i have never ever planned to be in my life. A teacher. Welcome Evanna to the world of teacher trainee (: I expected it to be horrible but when i was placed in IPG KSAH, i knew it was gonna change. And i was so right. Semester 1 last year was nothing but AMAZING. the place, the friends & the classes (: everything went well. Though there were heartaches & disappointment, there was always happiness to cover the disappoinment and im glad (:

Then comes semester ii. i would say, its a bad semester for me. full of anxiety, disappointment, broken hearts, arguments . way too many to list down. When one thing fall apart, many fall apart too and at one point, it was unbearable. It was also a point when i really felt like quiting. Then, i met THEM. the true friends who were there behind my back . I guess sometimes when u lose something or someone you love, God would give u at least one back to replace the lost one. This smester is the smester where i felt like i lost eveything i have build. A best friend. A part time lover. LOL. seems funny , but this semester was more of losing than gaining. It was HEARTBREAKING but, i know i've learnt . Sometimes, u just dont get what u want and u just have to start appreciating what u have and stop whining about what u dont have. I wish i could write more but, im just too lazy. This entry officially marks


Amirul Zakwan
Hanis Ayuni
Abdul Khalid
Akram Hakimi
Ameer Syafiq
Amy Chuah
Anis Nurdinie
Catherine Mayang
Cheong Jane Wee
Chua Xing Hui
Fatin Afiqah
Fathin Nabila
Fatimah Azzahra
Farah Saparuddin
Nurul Munirah
*Zharif (F2C yg sesat)*

To u guys listed here :) Thanks fr making my days in
class amazing (:

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