Sunday, May 23, 2010


sometimes things just dont go the way we want it to be.. i need someone or at least something to break me from this freaking mess and put my feet back on track. Gosh. its been hell of a month full of tears and breaking down. I guess, the me that everyone see is not what they always get. Why cant people understand that the past is still haunting me and its just very hard to live to their expectation. Im sorry but i live by my expectations and not yours. And , for me to cry, it simply shows i've got feelings. I know i've let many of u guys down and even letting myself down, but its simply HUMAN to be that way. Ive never asked u to be me, so stop asking me to be the other u. I don't hope for much, i just hope to be appreciated. :) Having that smile i have on my face doesnt mean im happy ALL the time . For me to tumble down like a piece of mess, its just part of life. its hard to see my dreams shattered right in front of my face . I admit that the egoism in me has affected me in many ways. and with this im sorry.

PS : I have feelings & being sensitive is a GOOD thing (:

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