Friday, April 23, 2010


To an outsider looking in, they may find my life PERFECT. I had appeared to be a cheerful, bubbly energetic me. But, what they don't see is what is in me. The hurtful words people say to me, the bitch fight that i have gotten into, the bitter bitchy stares of others to me are not easy to handle. I break down and cry and somebody tells me im a loser. Im sorry im sensitive. To those of u reading this, please take note ;')

im not judge mental
im sensitive
im easily upset
i can be your Best friend or
your worst enemy.

That is it. I am not judge mental and its is very stupendous of u idiots to judge me for how i present myself. Im not always happy and i do have the rights to get hurt. Can't deal wth it? Then, please back off. I wont pick up a fight with u because i wouldnt wanna sink down to your level. Lastly, Thank u ;')

ps: You're not the only one with feelings ;)
i do too and it differs from yours and that makes
me, ME :)

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