Friday, April 2, 2010


I wish we are given more holidays.
it is just too boring being in campus with no cash.
i mean, at home, mom is always there to support me when i need a lil
help with cash . I so need my allowance. Official Results for our mock exam will be announced soon and i am so freaking out. I kinda regret studying the night before the exam but THANK GOD it is only mock :) Congratulations to u guys who did well :) weee. April and May are two screwed up months for me. ABM presentation, Scrabble Comp, English Language Campaign, Hi Tea, ASSignments and major headeache and brain damage are coming my way. Grrrr. Benci. Ohh, one more thing. To u guys who were offended about the class attendance thing, i seriously can't help u guys anymore. Its not like i purposely wanted the lecturer to point out the days u guys were absent and why. But next time, play a lil bit smarter when u skip class okay. As much as i wanna save ur asses, i wanna save mine too. Im sorry ok. I love u :)

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