Saturday, April 10, 2010


you'll always be apart of me and i'll always be apart of you. If it wasn't for all the shits you did back then, im sure we'll still be together. back in high school, we used to be a popular ITEM. i really miss u. the days we spent together are still closely knitted in my mind and heart. i miss the days we spent together. the countdown of 28 trains we do all the time. the fights we pick up. you're definitely the ONLY one i need right now. Do u know how much it hurts to see u and your new girlfriend? It hurts me more than anything i've ever gone thru before. I miss the names u used to call me with. I miss the calls u make each night. I miss the times when u had to use your mom's phone just to make a call to me. I just miss everything about u. You tell me to move on, but do u think it is easy? IT definitely isn't. Memories keep haunting me each day. Everywhere i go, it simply reminds me of u. I really wish it never ended. I really wish you're back in my arms. I know i'd do anything just to get u back . I miss u my chubby chuckerz ;'( I really do. I'm waiting for your wishes on every 28th but im always left wth a broken heart. I miss u and i know its tru. I love you ;"( I still remember all the promises you promised me. But where is it? I just want you to know i miss u. Im always here for u. Andd yes bby, im really jealous of HER ;'( U guys seem so picture perfect now. I may not be as BEAUTIFUL , but i am sure i really LOVE u . take care. i miss u my pumkin ;'(

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