Saturday, April 24, 2010


i really dont know how to describe what i feel right now. i really thought i was tough enough to go through all this. maybe im just not strong enuff. Okayy. im sorry fr being such a bitch to those out there. but, please okayy EVANNA has feelings too. whenever i think of u guys, do u guys even think of me. I may not be the greatest friend u can ever find in life, but at least appreciate laa okayy. i dont ask for much. Everytime i put on a smile on my face, my heart is torn apart but u guys don't know that do u? i dont hate u guys for being u, so why hate me for being me? Ada i marah u guys kuar ngan sape2 u guys nak? Ada i halang u guys kawan ngan whoevere u want to? Honestly, i nk kawan ngan sape punn, its my right kan? So what if my friends are GAY, LESBIANS n PENGKIDS? I x berubah jadi cam diorg punn kan? Come on laa u guys, i take u for what u are to me not for how u look or what u wear . One word to describe ths feeling is DISAPPOINTED. walaupun we are all different, thats what make us unique taw tak? Do u want the whole world to be like me or to be like u? Sure tak nakk kan? Sometimes i wonder, is it all my fault. I want friends who would accept me no matter how bad i may be. ;'( Sadly, xde and i just have to face the fact la kan.. if i can , why cant u? I cant be what u want me to be. I just wanna be me and i want u guys to accept that. X susah punn if we try ;( U guys have been the sugar n spices of my life and i do LOVE each and every one of u. Tapii, i wish you guys would feel that way too. And babes, mmg la i ni nampak cam tough sume, tapi i am sensitive. So dont blame me okayy.

Im sorry . I love all of u

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