Friday, March 5, 2010

gunung jerai expedition :)

sounds like an interesting title?
well, it is, one thing that sucks though is the fact that
i woke up at 2am, stepped on my own feet and injured my knee n toe
DUMB BLONDE? tell me about it.
the expedition turned out to be as exciting as i thought it would be
BUTTTTT, the fact that i argued with u, its just so fucked up.
im not moving on, nor am i progressing. its just life hun :)
im sorry.
anyway, thanks Adham for being such a great pres.
Thanks adam, faisal, zidan n ABG BESAR :) for
helping me when i freaked out.
ohh, and dear cat, thanks bitch for being there . *loves*
there is just too much to write but i guess i have to start studying for mock.
till then .
Love, Evanna Momsen

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