Saturday, March 13, 2010

drifted apart?

is it me or is it true that my friends are drifting apart.
i really dont get this u guys. ever since the exam mood hit all of us,
the class seems to be divided into 2 parts.
and the fact that u guys and me da x rapat cam dulu, it kinda suck.
i mean, i can face it if there are reasons but noooo.
u guys didnt leave any. its not just me thats is feeling this.
the rest do too.

i admit, im a social freak.
even if i go clubbing or drink pun, u guys should accept me
for who i am right? even if u dont, why dont u guys tell me rather than pullin
faces and being hypocrite to yourself.
everyone has their own flaws.
me, u , them ? EVERYONE.
i never regretted being in our class until this happened.

im done saying what i have to say.
after the holidays, im just gonna let God decide on what happen.
thats all. and thank u so very much to all of u :)

PS: Time will never heal wound .

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