Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hell in campus

hello ;) its been a very long time since i blogged ;) anyways, here is the time where im gonna spill evrythin out. the sem started off well except for the part i dont have my laptop yet. then the perfect picture turns nasty when THE FIGHT break out. lets just say, it was more like ade senior yg agak menjage tepi kain org. Both the cohorts were called for a meeting on one of the nights. the meeting which was suppose to be about future plannings on activities turn out to be a night of bitch fight. okayy, after the meeting ended, it was time for the actual fucked up fight. we gathered our army n they gathered their. it was actually small matter which was made big. my friend told me, kalau hujan, org kte banjir, kalau banjir org kate tsunami. Get it? i wouldn consider the whole thing to be my fault or his or even hers, but since we were all involved, why the fuck do u wanna start blurting out n spilling my personal stuffs to people. its so fucking immature. the best part is she starts throwing words to me n the rest who she thinks is siding me. well, shows clearly how immature kn? ;) the freaking argument dragged for some time till Mathers decided to call it off. thanks hun. the way u stood up for me is so fucking AWESOME. actually, the story is just far to long to be typed out here but the conclusion is, it was a very immature misunderstanding which shouldn't have happened at all. if im a bitch, u're a bigger one for being able to notice one ;) Fyi, she n i no longer have grudges on each other but things will never be the same again ;)


Anonymous said...

so many swearing in ur blog. maybe u should reflect upon urself b4 pointing to others

Anonymous said...

u are a good friend indeed