Saturday, February 20, 2010

the end of a beginning

officially over
The holidays are over . finally.
well, its kind of a bad thing. i actualy had great fun this holiday ,
This time im serious when i say fun :)
There are many reasons why i feel so :
1) got my laptop. FINALLY
2) new wedges
3) new cardigan *always wanted it*
4) new friends *kira*
5)new tops
6)great mom's cooking.
7) Shafeeq!!! Mirul!! Erin!!
9) a great valentine at home
thats basically it. didmt do much ;)
BUT i enjoyed my holiday and thats what's important.
ive realised this holiday that, it really is important for one to trust
the other partner. Anddd, i really DONT think that absence makess
the heart grow fonder. its just a BIG LIE to make people feel better.
pfftt. piece of crapp. i reconected with friends i thought i'll
never see again, and im gladd :)
Today is the day my college is calling me. huhu
IPG KSAH , im coming tonight ;) weeee.

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