Thursday, December 31, 2009

just a thought :)

Just a thought by Evanna
December 21, 2009

In life, we often wish for things which are hardly attainable. Peace and happiness for instance. They may sound like 2 little words which seem SIMPLE but the actual fact is, they’re not. Apart from that, love is always something everyone dreams of having. But, what is love? How is love perceived? Is it really love that you’re feeling or is it merely affection? Or is the love you feel now a rebound of heartache? Each individual define love differently. For someone like me, I would consider love to be the closest thing to miracles and magic which is shared by 2 parties with mutual feelings towards one another. Where love,, care and attention are shared endlessly. Love though is nothing if honesty fails between the 2 parties. To love someone is to be able to carve a smile on their face on the worst day of their life and to be able to know what makes them cry. Though it is easy to make the one you care for smile, it takes great love and understanding to know what makes them shed their tears.

Sometimes in the process of growing up and just living my life, I tend to do the things I don’t intend to do, sometimes I say the things I don’t mean to say and sometimes I would stupidly believe that life is just too hard for me to get through. As human, getting hurt over petty matters seem like a norm but sometimes when the wound is so deep and u just know it won’t heal, you’d just give up on your hopes and dreams. I know I have.

It is often that the slightest thing your love ones do that hurts you cuts you deeper than anything else. People say that one way to be loved by others is to love others first, but how true is this statement?

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